The Mimik: Chapter Four by Lawrence Roberts

Book 1: Jake Earth’s Transmission

The Mimik OST:

Chapter Four

I lurched forward and leaped at the Mimik, mind vacant in action, to either kill or die.  If viewed in light of my place as a component of the Earth, and the might of the Earth believed in and fathomed, and that a form of this might evolved and exists as us humans, and, that we exist as individual souls within our communities and systems, my ability to combat the Mimik that first Day is a tribute less to me but the Earth itself. 

If the Earth didn’t have this attribute, our planet would have … Continue reading

The Mimik: Chapter Three by Lawrence Roberts

Book 1: Jake Earth’s Transmission

The Mimik OST:

Chapter Three

When it mimics you, the experience a Mimik creates is perfectly corrupted.  A Mimik knows your world and keeps current with it, a constant state of adjustion, its innovation effortless and innate.  An evil reflection, seductive and believable.  The small company of us who have encountered several Mimiks agree that there’s a certain feel to every one of them, like the hand of a thief.  We’re called Great Spirited, and our enemy is the Queen.  She’s there constantly.  It was a poor copy of my dead Mother standing there, and she was vicious and mean, … Continue reading

The Mimik: Chapter Two by Lawrence Roberts

Book 1: Jake Earth’s Transmission

The Mimik OST:

Chapter Two

Your sitting there one day, rather you wake up, and your standing at the foot of the bed.  Or it’s your Mom and she wants to kill you.  And sometimes it really was.  Nukes were flying, the world ended, and no one other than the early betrayers knew what was happening.  A lot of people died that day.  The Mimiks struck hard and fast, using us against ourselves.  That’s the nature of Mimiks.  Seeing one if your common is rare, and certainly not directed at you, though that was no safety.  The common battle, as … Continue reading

Why would I want a Kundalini Awakening? by Sarah Trivett

Sarah is a Somatic Trauma Therapist and Coach specializing in Holistic Sexuality and Trauma Resolution for Womxn.

Not everyone would! The awakening of kundalini energy is a powerful spiritual experience, that has the ability to forever change the way you relate to the world. If a kundalini awakening is something that you’re interested in, and prepared for, it can be a beautiful, meaningful, and life changing experience. And, sometimes when kundalini energy starts to wake up, it can take people by surprise and feel strange or confusing. So, read on to know what to expect if this powerful energy starts waking up within you!

What does it mean to have a Kundalini Awakening?

A Kundalini awakening is … Continue reading

Broken Souled Man by Myke Madd

Myke Madd is a proud resident of Salt Spring Island.

This is a picture of a world I see
Black and white like the old TVs.
A beautiful world that I just can’t see.
‘Cause without you there is no me
‘Cause without you there is no me.

The dirty cup that I am, a broken souled man, like a beach that has no sand. A husband that just lost his wife. Now his life has no meaning. Like the pastor that stops believing. Or the blind man that just stopped seeing. I’m a school where the kids won’t stop teasing. I’m the mistake that has no reason. I’m the … Continue reading