The Wandering Mind is a Creative Mind by Thoughts In HD

A Report on Enhancing Creativity Through Mind-Wandering

Once upon a time a man was attempting to solve a very demanding riddle[1]. After hours of attempting to solve it he decided to do an undemanding task, like mast– um, wash the dishes. As he washed the dishes his mind wandered and was no longer preoccupied with the riddle. After finishing his… chore…he made his way back to the problem, and eureka,  had the solution! His delight at figuring out the riddle was so great he did not question how he arrived there but simply lived happily ever after … The End.

Though happily ever after is … Continue reading

When Stuff Comes Up… by Sarah Trivett

Sarah is a Somatic Trauma Therapist and Coach specializing in Holistic Sexuality and Trauma Resolution for Womxn.

Doing personal healing work is part of the spiritual process as it allows us to become freer and more integrated as we walk down the path. Any experience–emotional or physical–that is too overwhelming for us to deal with all at once has the potential to become stored in the body.

It’s these remnants of experiences that are stored in the muscles, tissues, and energy bodies that are referred to as ‘trauma’ and the truth is that we all have it. Trauma can come in the form of unkind words from parents or caretakers, emotional or physical abuse, neglect, loneliness, isolation, … Continue reading