Broken Souled Man by Myke Madd

Myke Madd is a proud resident of Salt Spring Island.

This is a picture of a world I see
Black and white like the old TVs.
A beautiful world that I just can’t see.
‘Cause without you there is no me
‘Cause without you there is no me.

The dirty cup that I am, a broken souled man, like a beach that has no sand. A husband that just lost his wife. Now his life has no meaning. Like the pastor that stops believing. Or the blind man that just stopped seeing. I’m a school where the kids won’t stop teasing. I’m the mistake that has no reason. I’m the start without the finish. A drunk guy that just drank all his Guinness. A rich man that’s now penniless. A caring human that’s turned heartless. I have no more hope. Like a boat that cannot float. Whose only smile is to get high on dope. I’m a laugh-less joke. So come pick and poke. And do what you want. ‘Cause I’m the toy that never got bought. The stars without the moon. Or the knife and the fork without the spoon.

My world is dark and cold. Where there are no paved roads. A night without the day. A place I do not want to stay. So I sit and lay and wait for tomorrow to come. I’m a pirate without his rum. In a home where there is no walls. And my phone never gets calls. I play my guitar that has no strings. I’m the pain that death brings. Because without you and I’m a clock that can’t tell time. A rap song that doesn’t rhyme. A smoker in front of a no-smoking sign. My life’s a well that’s gone dry. A plane that will not fly. And I don’t know why or if I’ll make it by. So I sit here and sigh, lay and cry, about to die.

I ask for one more chance to be with you. For I’m the carpenter that lost his tool. The idiot that dropped out of school. ‘Cause I didn’t know what to do. I’m a tree without his leaves. I’m the birds without the bees. I’m the sneeze you just can’t sneeze. I’m that beautiful sight that can’t be seen. A fat man that wants to be lean. A virus without a cure. A heart that is not pure. A message that is not clear. Just a man with too much fear. The math without numbers and a person without a name. An animal with will not be tamed. But it’s my fault, I’m the one to blame. So I’ll sit here in shame. Pray for another day. Yeah, just pray for another day.